Paddling Natural Areas in Fort Collins, Colorado

Old Town Penobscot 15 canoe on Beaver Pond
Old Town Penobscot 15 canoe on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area

Summer weekend. Where to paddle kayak, canoe or SUP in Fort Collins?

There is a lot of paddling opportunities along Front Range in Colorado. Horseooth Reservoir is perhaps the most popular lake near Fort Collins. However, during a summer weekend, I am rather looking for something less crowded and away from power boats.

I would recommend one of city’s natural areas to play with your kayak, canoe or stand up paddleboard. Along the Poudre River there are several small lakes and ponds created in location of former gravel mining operations. These lakes are used mostly by fishermen. Water level doesn’t change much during a year. So, there is a lot of vegetation along shores and plenty of wildlife.

My favorite Fort Collins natural areas for paddling are Arapaho Bend and Riverbend Ponds, but you can explore other areas along the river as well. There is also Dixon Lake at foothills.

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Corgi  dog in a canoe
Pixel, the water Corgi, in a canoe

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Canoe Downwind Sailing on Horsetooth Reservoir

Sea Wind canoe with a downwind sail  on Horsetooth Reservoir
Sea Wind canoe with a downwind sail on Horsetooth Reservoir

I have been using Pacific Action Sail with Sea Wind, my expedition canoe, designed by Verlen Kruger.

Sail-paddling is a favorite way to cover distances in Sea Wind, my decked expedition canoe designed by Verlen Kruger. I have been using 1sqm downwind Pacific Action Sail since 2004. It was a great solution for WaterTribe challenges in Florida or paddling upstream of the Colorado River in Camyonlands. In the above picture, I am just enjoying time on Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins.

Pacific Action Sails were developed in New Zealand by kayak enthusiasts to enhance the paddling experience. Over more than a decade of development, our sails have established a formidable reputation with expeditions and adventure racing world-wide, are great for touring and a breeze to use.

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