3 Pictures from Horsetooth Reservoir and Foothills after Wildfires

Horsetooth Reservoir, Horsetooth Mountain Open Space and Lory State Park are popular recreational areas near Fort Collins. Horsetooth Reservoir is one of my favorite paddling destination, especially, off season or on weekdays during power boating season. During last years we experienced several wildfires west of Horsetooth. The first picture was shot from the Centennial Road while next two during my paddling workouts.

Heavy smoke from High Park wildfire
Heavy smoke from High Park wildfire obscuring the sun and sky over Horsetooth Reservoir and foothills near Fort Collins, Colorado, June 10, 2012
Galena wildfire in Lory State Park
Burnt yucca and bushes after Galena wildfire in Lory State Park – green grass starting to regrow, April 2013
Green springtime landscape on the shores of Horsetooth Reservoir
Green springtime landscape on the shores of Horsetooth Reservoir (Orchard Cove) with some reminders of the Galena Wildfire – June 2, 2014

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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Arapaho Bend Natural Area

SUP paddling, Colorado
SUP paddling in Beaver Pond, Arapaho Bend Natural Area

There are a lot of opportunities for paddling a canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP) in the Fort Collins area. My first recommendation for an easy recreational paddling would one of Fort Collins Nature Areas. Several old gravel mining operation along the Poudre River were transformed into nature areas with numerous small lakes and ponds. My favorite are Arapaho Bend and Riverbend Ponds areaa.

The above picture was shot during my morning paddling workout on Beaver Pond – the largest lake in Arapaho Bend Natural Area. One lap around this ponds is approximately 1 mile if you follow the shoreline closely. The easiest access is from Strauss Cabin road between Harmony and Horsetooth. Since water level in these ponds does not change very much there is a lot of natural coastal vegetation and wildlife.

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