My First Month with Salsa Mukluk Fat Bike in Colorado

November was my first month with a fat bike, 2017 Salsa Mukluk GX1, ordered online from REI.

I started to ride on lower trails in Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park, but spent most the time exploring and photographing trails in Red Mountain Open Space and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area north of Fort Collins near Wyoming border. I’ve been hiking and biking that area for years, but I found the MTB project pretty useful for trip planning. I posted some of my biking pictures there.

The fat bike was doing great on sandy trails in Red Mountain Open Space like Big Hole Wash or Ruby Wash. Riding across (or along) Sand Creek was also fun. So far, I didn’t have much experience with snow, just some patches in the shadow of canyons and some wind drifts on the exposed Cheyenne Rim. More pictures and video clips are coming!

I posted a couple of picture stories in my paddling blog, but future biking posts will show up here unless I combine riding a fat bike with packrafting …

fat bike on Cheyenne Rim trail
Cold November morning at Cheyenne Rim trail with some snow drifts and spectacular views of the Big Hole in Red Mountain Open Space
fat bike crossing stream
Crossing Sand Creek at the beginning of K-Lynn Cameron trail in Red Mountain Open Space
Dusk over Colorado prairie and foothills from the Mahogany Loop in Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
fat bike riding over cattle guard
Riding over a cattle guard along Cheyenne Rim trail in Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Cattle water tank at the top of Salt Lick trail. It is my favorite drinking hole. I just cannot passed it without shooting some pictures.
sunset Red Mountain Open Space
Colorful sunset over Salt Lick trail
fat bike in Red Mountain Open Space
Big Hole Wash trail near junction with Salt Lick trail.
Red Mountain Open Space trail
K-Lynn Cameron trail with Table Mountain in background. A nice downhill ride with great sunset views, but you need to stop or slow down.
Salsa Mukluk fat bike on the Ruby Wash. Sun is already down. So, it is the last frame of the day. And, the last picture from Red Mountain Open Space in 2017.
fat bike in Lory State Park
Red Mountain and Soapstone are now closed for winter (December-February). So, I am riding in Lory State park and waiting for snow.

December 2, 2017 is the Global Fat Bike Day. How do you celebrate?

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